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I was joined by sports and politics commentator Keith Olbermann. We discussed the announcement by Fox News to part ways with Bill O’Reilly, the embattled host of the network’s hit program, “The O’Reilly Factor.”


Brian and I went to Ina Garten’s home on Easter morning for a lesson on slow-cooked scrambled eggs (with truffles!) and a wide-ranging conversation at her kitchen table. Between bites of breakfast, we discussed Ina’s views on feminism, other celebrity chefs, and her unlikely path from White House nuclear energy expert to Food Network star. Plus, an unexpected cameo from Jeffrey, Ina’s husband of 48 years.

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I spoke to Chris Chandler, president of Wells Wood Turning & Finishing, the company that makes the wooden eggs for the annual White House Easter Egg Roll. The company made headlines when it tweeted at President Trump that the deadline for getting the Easter eggs done in time for the event was fast approaching. Chandler told me that despite the delay, “We got it out on time. They’re now in Washington ready for the children.” He also said that the company produced more gold eggs than in previous years for the Trump White House.

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Longtime host of “Survivor” Jeff Probst told me about the outing of contestant Zeke Smith as transgender during the latest episode and the backlash it has received. Probst said, “At no point did Zeke even consider asking us not to air it. He knew from about an hour after it happened that this was a moment that he could seize and do something with.”

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Deepak Chopra set out on a spiritual journey around 35 years ago in an attempt to give up smoking. Now he leads more than 6 million people in a guided meditation practice and has recently published his 86th book and 25th New York Times bestseller, “You Are the Universe.” Related: Deepak Chopra explains his 86th book, ‘You are the Universe’ Chopra spoke with Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric about the book, meditation, how he handles critics and President Trump.

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Follow along as we learn how to make delicious, healthy dinners with the help of  Sur la Table national chef Joel Gamoran. In this episode, we are joined by Inspiralized’s Ali Maffucci to make a chicken and leek soup with carrot noodles. The dish is ready in under 20 minutes! See more at

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Follow along as we learn how to make delicious, healthy dinners with the help of  Sur la Table national chef Joel Gamoran. In this episode, seared scallops and cauliflower grits are on the menu as Chilina Kennedy—multi-talented actress and star of Beautiful: The Carole King Musical—joins the fun.


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Neil deGrasse Tyson (the host of StarTalk) fell in love with the cosmos at age 9, on a visit to the Hayden Planetarium in New York City.  Not only did he fulfill his childhood ambition of becoming an astrophysicist, today he’s the director of the Hayden Planetarium and one of America’s most beloved scientific educators. Dr. Tyson joins the podcast to discuss science in the Trump era, the future of space exploration, and why a TV appearance in 1989 changed his life. Plus, he gives a preview of his latest book, Astrophysics for People in a Hurry.

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Renowned Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg has advised the likes of Bill Clinton, Tony Blair and Nelson Mandela. But he first made a name for himself studying white working class voters. His seminal 1985 report on so-called Reagan Democrats examined why auto workers were abandoning the Democratic Party in Macomb County, Michigan. Greenberg joins the podcast to discuss how the 2016 election gave him déjà vu, why he’s been spending time in Macomb again and what he’s hearing from Trump supporters there. Plus, a caller in Chicago gets on the line to explain why she went from being a lifelong Democrat to voting for Donald Trump.

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Tony Robbins has a packed resume: he’s a bestselling author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and renowned motivational speaker. In addition to being a self-help titan, Robbins has advised presidents and star athletes, and is involved in 31 businesses which he says generate annual sales of $5 billion. He joins us to discuss his difficult childhood, his remarkable career, his new book, and how President Trump’s leadership style compares to President Obama’s. Plus, he explains why he jumps into a cold pool every morning and demonstrates some “radical explosive breathing” exercises.

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Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett and Tommy Vietor are alumni of the Obama administration who recently founded Crooked Media, a progressive media company. They also host the hit political podcast, Pod Save America. For this special crossover episode, I spoke with these former White House communications aides about President Trump’s troubled relationship with the press, media accountability and how Democrats can translate protests into votes.

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“It’s hard to hate up close.” ― Dr. Oz

I have spent the last several months immersed in a documentary for National Geographic called “Gender Revolution.” The entire process was life-changing and mind-altering for me and hopefully for others who watch. The impetus for making the film was simple: I screwed up.

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Watch as Katie Couric & John Molner invite Sur la Table national chef Joel Gamoran into their kitchen to help them learn how to make delicious, healthy dinners that suit their busy lives.


Dr. Felice Schnoll-Sussman, director of the Jay Monahan Center for Gastrointestinal Health at Weill Cornell and New York Presbyterian, joins TODAY with the latest advice on the appropriate times for men and women to undergo cancer screenings.