Under the Gun: Official Trailer

The Sandy Hook massacre was considered a watershed moment in the national debate on gun violence, but the body count at the hands of these weapons has only increased. Through the lens of the victims’ families, as well as pro-gun advocates, and with a narration from renowned journalist Katie Couric, we examine why our politicians […]

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How shelter dogs are helping

They’re called man’s (or woman’s) best friend, and for good reason. Dogs seem to have the natural ability to feed off human emotions and reciprocate. Through a mutual understanding of things like happiness, fear and empathy, dogs and their caretakers are able to form a bond the way one would with a family member or […]

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FED UP — Official Trailer

What if everything you think you knew about food is wrong? Once you know the truth about your food, you’ll be Fed Up.

How Music Is Helping Those With Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Katie Couric interviews Michael Rossato Bennet, the writer, director and producer of Alive Inside, a new documentary that focuses on how music helps with Dementia and Alzheimer.

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“I really love you, oh you’re my best friend.” Queen’s bass guitarist John Deacon may not have written his famous song about your furry favorites, but it doesn’t mean you can’t sing the words to them!


Detroit is more than the birthplace of Motown and home to the Big Three automakers: the Motor City is working to redefine itself from its former glory days as an industrial powerhouse.